Environmental Education


At Camp Oty’Okwa, Environmental Education is for everyone!


Our programs inspire students, educators, families and community members to become lifelong learners, caring individuals and environmental stewards. Our programs for school groups, our adult continuing education programs, our community events and our summer science camp all focus learners’ attention on caring for themselves, others and the world around them

Focus on the individuals: Curiosity and excitement lead to discoveries and lasting knowledge. Celebrating the successes of learning new things in a new environment develops a greater sense of self-esteem and empowers and individual to be able to contribute in meaningful ways.

Focus on others: Sharing experiences as a group promotes teamwork and better understanding of others. Focusing on the benefits of diversity increases appreciation of each other and valuing other people. Oty’Okwa is a Native American word meaning “brotherhood.” Brotherhood is achieved by overcoming obstacles and growing together.

Focus on the environment: Education about and personal relationships with the environment lead one to care about world. Here at Camp Oty’Okwa, we believe a genuine connection with the natural world will foster the desire for lifelong learning and protection of the environment.

For Schools:

During the spring and fall, we help students from across Ohio experience the natural beauty of the Hocking Hills. Using hands-on, inquiry-based learning methods that meet academic state content standards, our naturalists encourage students to explore, learn, and play in one of the best classrooms on earth, our private 737-acres of forest.

Each trip is tailor-made for your school. Our Camp Education Coordinator works closely with your staff to make sure that you have everything to need for a successful and memorable Camp trip.

We offer day trips and overnight stays. Please call 740.975.6384 or email amarietta@bbbscentralohio.org for available dates and program options.

For Adult Education:

We collaborate with Ashland University to offer YEAR-ROUND WEEKEND WORKSHOPS and a WEEK-LONG WORKSHOP in the summer to teachers, naturalists and other adults that want to learn more about leading children through experiential, inquiry-based learning. Semester hours through Ashland University or Professional Development hours are available for these workshops.

We work with COMMUNITY PARTNERS to educate the local southeastern community on various issues relevant to the area.

For Rentals:

Ask us about our team-building, survival, or interpretive hike programs. We would be more than happy to help you make your stay at Camp as fun and educational as possible.


Please call 740.975.6384 or email amarietta@bbbscentralohio.org for available dates and program options.

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