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During the spring and fall, Camp Oty’Okwa works with many Ohio schools to deliver high-quality, inquiry-based environmental education. Schools, most of which bring 5th or 6th grade students, typically come for a three-day, two-night stay at Camp. While there, the students get to explore Camp’s more than 730 acres of Hocking Hills forest and participate in some of Camp’s 13 offered classes, all of which meet academic state standards.

The driving force of our environmental education program is the staff. Camp hires dedicated and enthusiastic environmental educators. Educators of all skill levels are welcome. Camp provides training in first aid, CPR, as well as professional development in numerous areas of natural interpretation and environmental education.

Each class at Camp Oty’Okwa is led by one staff member and an adult chaperone (often a teacher from the school) who take a trail group of 8-12 students into the woods for 1.5 or 3 hours at a time. The students use hands-on investigations, fun and engaging games and activities, and free exploration to learn subjects ranging from forest ecology to teambuilding. During the classes, students are exposed to numerous scientific techniques, tools, and terms that help them excel back in the classroom.

Staff members are paid on a class-to-class basis. Entry level educators are paid $30/3-hour class and $25/3-hour training. Individuals who stay for additional seasons will be paid a higher rate. Schedules of available shifts are provided at the beginning of the season, and staff members are assigned to shifts on a class-to-class basis. Camp does not ask a staff member to stay an entire day, three-day session, or season. Staff can work as much or as little as desired.

Staff is provided meals and housing on Camp property, but is by no means required to stay past classes. Supervision of the students beyond the class period is the responsibility of the school. Staff members are expected to arrive to Camp no later than 30 minutes before their scheduled classes.

Being held at a camp, the environmental education program also provides the students with many songs and skits to learn during their stay. While staff members are not required to participate in these songs and skits, they are encouraged to help out if they like.

Camp Oty’Okwa welcomes all interested applicants to join our family. Staff for environmental education must have at least a high school diploma. Camp will provide a background check and drug screening prior to employment.

For more information, please contact Al Marietta, Education Coordinator, at or 740-975-6384.

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Please send all resumes and applications to or to 24799 Purcell Rd, South Bloomingville, Ohio, 43152