Science Camp

SCIENCE CAMP (ages 9-13)

July 22 – July 28, 2017

Please contact Chara Williams to request a registration form!

Within some of our residential sessions at Camp Oty’Okwa, we offer a specialized Science Camp for children ages 9-13. Science Camp includes traditional camp experiences but is enriched by expert presenters on topics such as geology, forest ecosystems, watershed/creeking, animals in nature, flight/rocketry, astronomy/telescopes and initiatives/team-building.

If your child would benefit from extra attention or closer supervision during his/her experience at Camp Oty’Okwa, please let us know prior to registering your child so we can meet with you and personalize the camp experience to best fit the needs of your child. Some examples of children who would benefit from this are children with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, behavior or mood disorders, Autism or a combination of needs. For more information, please contact the Camp Administrative Office at (614) 839-2447, ext. 177 or email

Interested instructors should contact the Camp Education Coordinator at or 740-975-6384.