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At Camp Oty’Okwa, we strive to provide opportunity for all students to explore the out of doors, combining love and knowledge of the environment. The Environmental Education program is a year-round initiative that:

  • invites entire classrooms to experience science in a hands-on way during the school year,
  • engages educators on new ways to teach state standards,
  • focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) program development,
  • offers additional science learning opportunities to campers in the summertime and year-round excursions to families.

All employees must be able to pass a drug screening and background check


  • Assist Education Coordinator with planning, implementing and maintaining the school group environmental education programming at Camp Oty’Okwa during spring and fall.
    • Teach hands-on, inquiry-based lessons to participants in EE programming ranging from 4th to 8th grade students.
    • Assist Education Coordinator in preparing and maintaining facilities and inventories for EE programming.
    • Assist Education Coordinator in maintaining contact with school groups throughout the year.
    • Assist Education Coordinator in program development.
      • Revise Staff Manuals.
      • Review and improve curricula.
      • Develop new activities.
    • Assist Education Coordinator with planning, implementing and hosting adult education events at Camp Oty’Okwa year-round.
      • Teach hands-on, inquiry-based lessons to adult participants.
      • Maintain contact with presenters and participants of adult education events.
      • Assist Education Coordinator in developing new adult education topics.
      • Assist Education Coordinator in running and hosting these events.
    • Participate in community outreach events sponsored by the camp as well as its partners and schools (i.e. “Science Nights,” Inquiry Conference)
    • Plan and implement community-offered on-site hikes and activities at the camp
    • Assist Education Coordinator in planning and implementing off-site environmental education programming year-round.
    • Act as Nature Coordinator during Summer Programming at Camp Oty’Okwa.
      • Have Nature Room open daily during summer camp.
      • Maintain cleanliness and order of Nature Room.
      • Take cabin groups on educational hikes.
      • Utilize educational materials and activities to provide programming for summer camp participants.
      • Assist in planning and coordinating classes for Science Camp
    • Assist in grant writing for the environmental education program at Camp Oty’Okwa
    • Provide hosting and programming for some year-round rental groups
    • Provide programming for cabin groups during weekend camps provided for summer camp youth Sept-May
    • Maintain records and database entry for groups utilizing camp
    • Assist to maintain garden and composting throughout the year, including recruitment and oversight of volunteers


Contact for further details.