Camp Oty’Okwa Brings Team-building Initiatives to EECO Conference

On February 6th,  Camp Oty’Okwa taught adult educators the power of storytelling with team-building initiatives.

The participants came from all over the state to attend the Environmental Education Council of Ohio’s (EECO) conference, Winter Snow.

The Winter Snow conference took place at Camp Nuhop this year. The educators present were able to explore the beautiful land of Mohican State Park and learn amazing environmental education techniques  from a variety of experts.

Al Marietta, Education Coordinator at Camp Oty’Okwa, brought his bag of props and activities to teach participants how to successfully facilitate engaging team-building activities for all ages and events. Throughout the lesson, the technique of storytelling was emphasized to make each challenge fun and cohesive.

If you would like to learn more about Camp Oty’Okwa’s team-building initiatives or have a team-building event for your school or organization, please contact Al at or 740-975-6384.