Camp Oty’Okwa: Who We Are

At Camp Oty’Okwa, we believe that every person has value.

That the natural world can be one of our greatest teachers.

That family is formed by the bonds of trust and experience.

That love of oneself, one’s family, and one’s environment leads to fulfillment.

That sitting quietly next to a stream brings peace.

That yelling wildly across a field has merit.

That no one is too old to get covered in mud.

That we are all in this together.

That silent nights spent beneath star-bathed skies with friends beat any movie.

That the construction of forts and dams and rafts are essential skills.

That every heart holds a song.

That your song sounds best when sung with others.

That no matter where you come from, you have the power to work for your goals.

And above all else, that you are loved.