Offsite Programming

At Camp Oty’Okwa we are always striving to provide more relevant, hands-on, educational programming for students. Through our Environmental Education program, students are able to participate in experiential, inquiry-based learning that aligns with Ohio Academic Content Standards.

Participants will work together to complete a number of challenges using elements brought to your location by Camp Oty’Okwa staff. They will develop and practice problem solving skills, active listening, trust, positive support, leadership, and teamwork.

Students will discover the wonderful world of insects as well as other arthropods. They will develop an understanding of what an arthropod is, and they will learn what roles insects fill in our ecosystem.  Students will get to explore scientific tools such as hand lenses and aspirators, categorize and investigate specimens, and create their own insects.

Students will take a walk back in time to discover how people once lived. Along the way they will reveal a timeline of events, discover artifacts, and get a glimpse of life from Paleo to Historic Native Americans.

Students will have the opportunity to discover and learn about some of the wildlife of Ohio, as well as that wildlife’s habits, and habitats. Students will explore the importance of adaptations such as camouflage and sense of smell; the role of predator / prey relationships; and essential components of a good habitat. Students will get to explore authentic skins and replica skulls of many Ohio native animals.

Each class is optimized for 8-12 students per instructor. Camp Oty’Okwa is always happy to develop programs tailored to your school’s needs. Please contact Emily Kridel at or 740-385-5279 with any programming questions. 

Other Resouces

The following resources are included with or can be added to the above classes for offsite programming.

  • Telescope
    • Perfect for a lock-in or astronomy club after school.
  • Earth Ball
    • 6’ tall inflatable ball painted to represent the Earth. Perfect for any EE topic.
  • Parachute
    • Large parachute used to teach a variety of topics in a fun and engaging fashion.
  • Initiative Elements (included with Initiatives class)
    • Everything from nylon ropes to wooden platforms, Camp has a variety of props, tools, and tricks to make a tailored team-building experience for your school.
  • Digital Microscope (included with Insects class)
    • A great way to get a closer look at the world. Camp is able to connect this microscope to a projector to share discoveries with an entire classroom.
  • Museum-Quality Study Skins and Skulls (included with Wildlife class)
    • Authentic skins and replica skulls of more than 15 different Ohio animal species.
  • Insect/Arthropod Specimens (included with Insects class)
    • Genuine specimens collected from Southeast Ohio. Perfect for a hands-on look at the world of insects.
  • Binoculars
    • Small classroom set of binoculars to get students exploring the world of birds in their own backyards.
  • Scientific Tools (included with Insects and Wildlife classes)
    • Hand lenses, thermometers, water quality testing supplies, specimen collection devices, etc. Anything you might want for a scientific investigation of a natural space.
  • Compasses and Maps
    • Perfect for making an orienteering course, teaching compass skills, or reviewing map basics.
  • Geology Sets
    • Classroom set of different rock types. Perfect for categorizing and exploring.
  • Natural Interpretation (included with every class)
    • Have one of Camp’s instructors come to your land lab or natural space to offer some engaging interpretation.

** All classes have a beginning price at $4.25/participant/1.5-hour class  or $8.25/participant/3-hour class