Session 1

Adventure Camp – June 15 – 19

From first time campers to well experienced campers, Adventure Camp is fun for everyone. Campers enjoy hikes through wooded terrain that allows them to truly explore nature. Campers also enjoy listening to stories, arts and crafts, and lots of singing! Each camp session provides topics such as geology, stream studies, wildlife, and much more. Environmental Educators are on staff throughout the summer to accompany cabin groups on hikes and also to plan activities around fun science topics.



Meet the Counselors!

Come check out the 2020 Virtual Camp Counselors. You will begin to learn who they are and see some of the fun socially distanced team building they participate in getting ready for Virtual Camp.

Traveling Terra

Garden Club

Come along as the Oty’ Crew shows you how to prepare your garden to grow some wonderful vegetables this summer. Check in next week to see what delicious vegetables are growing.

Campfire Bedtime Story


It’s Meal Time!

Rise and shine! It is time for breakfast, make sure your help your friends when you are hopping your table. Always say please and thank you!

Find Your Way Hike

It is a great idea to use a map when you are out on a hike. Oftentimes, GPS does not work out in the woods so a map is a great tool to find your way when you are exploring.

Games in the Field

Bedtime Story



How creative are you? Join us to make an art project using materials that you might have around the house.

Camouflage Hike

One of everyone’s favorite places at Camp Oty’Okwa is Split Rocks! Join us for one of our favorite hikes and maybe we can play a game of Camouflage while we are down there. While your are down there, don’t forget to squeeze through Fat Man’s Squeeze.

Sleep Under the Stars

Join us for an overnight where we enjoy Pie Iron Pizza, S’mores and get ready to sleep under the stars.

Campfire Bedtime Story


Wake Up in the Woods

One of the best feelings in the world is waking up from an overnight feeling refreshed.

Science Experiment

Pantry to Plate

Crunchy Crunchy Tacos, no Oreos. Who loves to make tacos? What are your favorite ingredients to put on your tacos? Come check out what your counselors like to put on their tacos.

Bedtime Story


Noticing Nature

Nature has millions of magical spots. Everyone can find a Magic Spot in nature that can be special to them.

Wet & Muddy Hike

One of the best parts of hiking is making rock paint and getting your face painted. Can you get outside and get a little dirty?

Life Skills – Changing a Tire

Final Campfire and Candlelight Ceremony

Session 1 Medallion Ceremony