Session 6

Adventure Camp July 27 – 31

From first time campers to well experienced campers, Adventure Camp is fun for everyone. Campers enjoy hikes through wooded terrain that allows them to truly explore nature. Campers also enjoy listening to stories, arts and crafts, and lots of singing! Each camp session provides topics such as geology, stream studies, wildlife, and much more. Environmental Educators are on staff throughout the summer to accompany cabin groups on hikes and also to plan activities around fun science topics.



Meet the Counselors!

Welcome to the Woods – Scavenger Hunt

Garden Club – Scraps to Vegetables

Bedtime Story – Evil Sloth


It’s Meal Time – Safe Food Preparation

The Sensational Science Special – Amazing Air!

Pantry to Plate – Lasagna Edition

Bedtime Story – Press Here


Arts & Crafts – Natural Tie Dye

Environmental Education – Fox Walk

Ultimate Overnight – Fort Style

Bedtime Story – Treasure Hunt


Environmental Education – Root Beer Edition

Mind Games

Importance of Exercise

Bedtime Story – An Egg is Quiet


Canoeing Adventures

Sunset Picnic

Life Skills – Sewing

Final Campfire

Medallion Ceremony