Summer Camp

Our offerings

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp is for all ages.  It is similar to Explorers’ Camp, only it offers more ambitious and involved activities. In addition to normal camp experiences, campers may also canoe, rock climb, rappel, backpack, and do team-building activities with certified staff.  Campers, ages 10-12, are in cabin groups with 6-8 of their peers.  Teens are in cabin groups of 5-6 with a counselor and support staff experienced in providing programming for older campers.

Girls Camp

During Girls ONLY camp, girls 6-14 years old are involved in a positive, pro-social, traditional camping experience that empowers girls to thrive, build high self-esteem, self awareness and confidence.  Girls are able to develop a sense of community and have the opportunity to try new things in a safe, inclusive and fun environment.

Camp Lionheart

Camp Lionheart blends a team of licensed, supervised clinical therapists and counselors with the group mentoring expertise already in place at Oty’Okwa.  This unique partnership provides children with an experience of support, compassion and fun by combining daily, grief group counseling sessions and trauma-informed practices with active and stimulating programming.  Children and teens 7-17, participate in traditional camping activities, such as hiking, swimming, and talent shows.  Children who attend are grieving the loss of a parent, sibling or primary caregiver due to terminal illness, suicide, murder, drug overdose, as well as sudden death and trauma.

Latino Week

Since 2002, our summer camp has included a Latino Week for Hispanic/Latino youth from low-income families.  Typically around 100 Latino youth attend this session, for five days, each summer. The benefit of having a Latino week is that it allows youth who are not fluent in English to have the support of Spanish-speaking counselors and peers.  This session is otherwise, very typical of our traditional Camps.

Special Care Program 

Camp Oty’Okwa offers Special Care for all ages.  This is not a special session, but rather how we integrate campers who might need extra guidance. Special care campers will be placed with other children (some with similar needs), in normal camp activities.  We carefully train our Camp Counselors to be able to effectively work with campers who need special care to have a successful camp experience.  Candidates for this camp may have Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Behavior or Mood Disorders or a combination of needs.  Campers must apply for the Special Care program and families must meet with the Youth Camp Director to personalize the camp programming to best fit their needs and to help better prepare our staff.